Victoria Point Magic FC Junior teams

VP Magic FC play in the Football Brisbane Competition

We offer professional coaching allowing players to reach their full potential, and hope to field a Junior Premier League team in each competitive age group and we invite players who are seeking a professional program to attend our trials.

Teams in this age group work through our age appropriate program throughout the season. Sessions are designed to improve player’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological attributes.

Teams have 3 sessions per week, all training sessions are delivered by professional coaches. Game Day Coaches (GDC) take games on Saturday mornings.

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Game Day

Game day is what everyone looks forward to. Please find a couple of key points to help the players out.

  • Aim to turn up 20 mins before kick off so players are relaxed and can warm up before the game starts
  • Make sure players have a healthy breakfast before the game and take on plenty of fluids.
  • Don’t overload the players with information you will only confuse them.
  • Encourage all players as much as possible but leave the coaching to the coaches.
  • Players will make mistakes don’t dwell on them after the game focus on the positives.
  • Players may get asked to help out other teams once your game has finished.

Please check for junior fixtures