Communications Policy

To maintain positive and effective relationships, the Committee of VP Magic FC advocates that:
1. As issues arise, we recommend that parents and caregivers consult with the coaches(s) in the first instance, so as to resolve matters at the most appropriate level.
2. In the event that this is not successful, parents would then contact our Technical Director Dean Gregory to explore the matter further.
3. In the event this is not successful, parents would then contact Football Operations Adem Poric and Andrew Robinson and the Clubs Secretary Phillippa Mengel to discuss with the Club Committee.
4. We encourage the use of face-to-face dialogue. Social Media, of any kind, is not the forum to productively and professionally resolve matters.
Please note that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Linkedin
etc. are all within the realm of the public domain. The posting of unsubstantiated or defamatory comments, in no way, works in the best interests of the child, parent, caregiver, coaches, committee or Club.
At ALL times, it is an expectation that ALL parties:
– Be open and transparent;
– Interact with a sense of ‘good will’;
– Interact with a desire to resolve matters with dignity and respect;
– Support the protection of the invaluable relationship between
parent/caregiver and teacher and school.

2 May, 2017